Accidental Damage Extended Warranty Information


  • Warranty Coverage Starts 31 Days After Purchase
  • 100% Parts and Labor Coverage
  • Includes Accidental Damage
  • 5 Days or Less for Product Repair or Replacement
  • Repairs provided by Consumer Priority Service; not Computer Overhauls.

We've partnered with nations leading third party warranty provider, Consumer Priority Service, to offer extended warranties for most of our products! All warranty service/repair is provided through CPS, not Computer Overhauls.

What is Covered:
If you added an Accidental Coverage warranty this Plan shall cover unintentional damages as a result of: impact, liquid damage or unintentional physical damage. Accidental Coverage protects against drops and spills. Accidental Coverage is typically offered as an option for MP3 Players, Laptops, GPS Devices, Cameras, and other portable electronics.

What is Not Covered:
Accidental Coverage does not cover intentional damages of any kind to the Covered Product or losses due to theft. Accidental Coverage does not cover willful damage, misuse, damage due to neglect, drops over 6 feet, fire damage, full immersion in water or salt water exposure. Accidental Coverage does not cover damage caused by the use of a product in a way the manufacturer never intended. Accidental Coverage also does not cover damage incurred by natural disasters (ie: hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires…etc), or damage that is incurred by an animal or pet (ie: dog chewing). Coverage for this plan shall begin 30 days after the date of purchase of the warranty. Accidental Coverage must appear on the original bill of sale alongside the covered product and must be registered.

Refer to the details of the contract for the full list, but there are some notable exclusions to your coverage.

  • We do not cover items that are dead on arrival, fail within the first 30 days or have a pre-existing condition.
  • We do not cover accessories & consumer replaceable parts (ie: batteries, ink cartridges, lenses, cables & other consumables).
  • Software: We do not cover software issues, including software for computers, cell phones…etc.
  • Fraudulently misrepresented items are not covered. • We do not cover stolen or lost products.

When does the warranty coverage start?
Coverage starts 31 days after the purchase date. 

What coverage is there for the first 31 days?
Computer Overhauls standard hardware warranty will protect the item for the first 31 days until the CPS warranty takes effect. Accidental damage is NOT covered in the first 31 days.

When does the warranty expire?
The two-year warranty expires exactly two years from the initial purchase date. The three-year warranty expires exactly three years from the initial purchase date.

Is a CPS Warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty?
No.  If the item already has a manufacturer warranty this warranty will replace it. While the manufacturer warranty will still be valid, the CPS warranty will add additional benefits such as accidental damage coverage. 
Can I transfer the Protection Plan to a new owner?
Yes! CPS Warranties are transferable between owners.

Is my product covered if it’s stolen or if I lose it?
Unfortunately, the CPS Warranty does not cover lost or stolen products.

Is there a deductible for laptop plans?
No. There is no deductible on laptop warranty plans.

Is there a deductible for the cell phone plans?
Yes, there is a low deductible at time of claim for cell phone plans.
$30.00 Deductible Applies to products between $100-$150
$50.00 Deductible Applies to products between $150-$250
$75.00 Deductible Applies to products over $250

What happens if my product breaks?

You can contact CPS directly to file a claim in three ways:

  • Online at and click the “File a Claim” button
  • Via email at
  • Call in toll-free at 1-800-905-0443

Do I return my item to Computer Overhauls for warranty service?
No. Computer Overhauls does not provide the warranty service. Contact CPS directly to file a claim.