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Coming Soon

This page will explain what a Coming Soon product is and how to order it.

What does Coming Soon mean?

Coming Soon items are items that are not yet available for purchase.  If you go to the page of the product you will be able to see when the item will be available for purchase.


How do I buy an item that's Coming Soon?

To buy a Coming Soon item you must be on the product page at the time and date specified. 

If you are on the page before the item it goes up for sale you must refresh your browser!!!  If you do not refresh the page you will not be able to see the add to cart button.

Do you have more than one of a Coming Soon item?

Every listing you see on our website is for one individual unit. 

This includes Coming Soon items.  Even if you are waiting to order the item keep in mind that there is only one available and if someone completes their purchase before you it will be sold to them.


Can I put a Coming Soon item on hold?

We do not hold ANY items.  A Coming Soon item can only be bought after the time it is available.